Depixel Texture Pack 1.19.3 → 1.19.2 (Default 32×32)

The Depixel (Default 32×32) 1.19.3 → 1.19.2 has a default resolution of 32×32, which makes it more detailed than expected. It gives it a smooth yet realistic feel while keeping the Minecraft style. This package takes the default structures to another level, also the noises have been removed, and the colors are more powerful. The author of the package has created the textures with the highest precision and efficiency to obtain a work of art. Depixel Resource Pack 1.19.1 significantly improves the classic look and gives the Minecraft world a more realistic and attractive style. This pack features twice the default resolution of Minecraft structures. This package stands out because it provides clean and clear visibility for a better in-game experience. The package aims to make it look like Mojang has released a new version with a higher resolution.

The pack is based on the original Minecraft textures, but these textures look much better and more accurate. This is because they have been redone but with a higher resolution. The design of the textures is with very well-defined lines. These vivid and intense colors provide the Minecraft world with color and joy. Noise has also been removed; this is only possible because of the default resolution of 32×32. 

The package adds three add-ons, each with a different function, they are:

The Default 32×32 Texture Pack has a higher resolution than the usual Minecraft Vanilla. It is necessary that before its configuration Optifine HD is installed, which helps to decrease the consumption of unnecessary resources, in addition to other settings that are important for the fluidity and loading of chunks.

Depixel (Default 32×32) Resource Pack – Screenshots

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How To Install Depixel Resource Pack

This Resource Pack is compatible with Minecraft 1.18 and previous versions. Follow the step by step to install on your Minecraft.

  1. The Dexpixel for Minecraft can be downloaded from the download section below. – If there are many versions there, choose the one you like, and that is compatible with your computer’s performance
  2. Launch the Minecraft launcher.
  3. Click “Options” on the main menu.
  4. Click “Resource packs” in the options menu.
  5. Click on “Open Pack Folder.” The folder called “resourcepacks” will open.
  6. The .zip file that you downloaded in step 1 should be moved to the “resourcepacks” folder.
  7. The pack should appear in the left window. To access it, hover over it and click the arrow to the right ► .  – You may get a message that says the pack was made for an old version, and it may not work. Just press “YES
  8. It will be moved to the list on the right, which means the pack was loaded correctly.
  9. Click “Done
  10. You can now use the resource pack in your world because it has been successfully loaded!


Before opening any existing worlds with the new Texture Pack, make a backup.
Be aware that installing Textures and Shaders simultaneously can slow down your Minecraft performance.

Depixel (Default 32×32) Texture Pack — Download Links

Before downloading

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SLembas is the author of Depixel Texture Pack

Download Links:

Java Edition:

[32x] [1.19.3] Download Depixel Resource Pack

Bedrock Edition:

Download Depixel Bedrock Edition (Lite) Resource Pack

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