Round Trees Texture Pack 1.20.6 → 1.20.4

Round Trees Texture Pack 1.20.6 → 1.20.4 will change the original shape of the trees! This Minecraft Resource Pack will give the trees’ a round-shaped body instead the vanilla look. One of the most talked-about packs in recent iterations is Round Trees. Many gamers now have computers that can run Minecraft at 128x resolution with at least one shader. Players have begun requesting that Minecraft become more bizarre. You may now improve the appearance of trees in the game with the help of the circular Minecraft Texture Pack. It provides players with a fix for their unrealistic tree shape issue. Round logs turned on will undoubtedly make everything seem a little more logical. It’s vital to remember that the pack will only produce more realistic-looking trees; other textures will remain unaffected. Players will undoubtedly experience a more authentic feeling while exploring Minecraft thanks to this functionality. Due to the fact that round trees have no effect on other textures, trees appear quite realistically. Anyone who enjoys the basic vanilla pack with a little more additional realism will enjoy this resource pack. Additionally, this change is compatible with all other resource packs because it makes modifications to the 3D model of tree blocks in JSON format and has no impact on the functionality of PNG textures. Because it replaces the typical square tree blocks with circular ones, this Minecraft Resource Pack gives the game an additional layer of realism. Overall, it looks extremely beautiful, yet I grew used to the square blocks and anything else appears out of the ordinary in the game. Technically speaking, the Resource Pack Round Trees is a pack that retextures the trees to give them a rounded appearance. Motschen came up with it. He made this pack in order to give players round trees without even requiring them to download any unique mods. However, just take a look at the screenshots to see how awesome tree trunks, especially those that are lying on the ground, look. You should be aware that after downloading this pack, the type of wood that is used in the buildings will also change, whether it be oak, birch, acacia blocks, or any other type.

Since the pack just modifies the tree textures, you can combine it with other texture packs to give Minecraft more character and life. Any texture or resource pack is compatible with this pack. Just make sure this pack is at the top of the load order, that’s all you need to remember. To anyone who has been yearning for trees that are actually dynamic, we heartily recommend round wood. In addition to making the tree trunks rounder, this technique also enhances the texture continuity and gives the player a more emotional experience. You can use a different texture pack, such as BetterVanillaDefault, to improve the game since Round Trees only changes the texture of the trees. I’m sure you have heard about this one cool tool that is called Optifine. It’s a really great tool and I hope you like it too! Many of the resource packs require this modification to the game because it will give you a better gaming experience. Just make sure you download & install it. There is a download link with everything under our last paragraph. And as we told you above, this texture pack will only change the structure of the Tree, so it is the best to have another pack like the BetterVanillaDefault. Just imagine you are using these two and suddenly you install Optifine and shaders with that? It will be absolutely unbelievable and I really recommend you to use it! Additionally, Treecapitator can be downloaded and used to simply fell an entire tree by just chopping the bottom portion, allowing you to enjoy round logs even more. We are sure that you know this mod as many Minecraft Players are using that. It enhances and makes the experience of chopping trees more joyful. As always, we strongly advise downloading Optifine before ever attempting to install this texture pack. In order for you to be certain that this resource pack functions as it was intended to, we’re doing this. To give the leaves a swaying appearance, we also advise using a shader like SEUS Shaders. Just more immersive because of this.


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Supported Versions – 1.20.6  – 1.19.4 – 1.18.2 – 1.17.1 – 1.16.5 – 1.15.2 – 1.14.4 – 1.13.2 – 1.12.2 – 1.11.2 – 1.10.2 – 1.9.4 – 1.8.9 – 1.7.10

How to Install Round Trees Texture Pack?

We have compiled helpful installation guides to ensure correct installation of this texture pack in your Minecraft. Follow these guides for a seamless installation experience.

messenger iconBefore Installing
messenger iconBackup Guide

It is strongly advised to create a backup of your Minecraft map before updating the game to new versions to ensure the safety of your progress.

Locate the Folder

Locate your Minecraft installation folder. The default location for the Minecraft folder varies depending on your operating system:

  • Windows: %appdata%.minecraft
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft
Make a Copy

Once you’ve found the Minecraft folder, make a copy of it and paste it into a different location, such as an external drive or a backup folder on your computer.

Save and Restore if Necessary

The copied Minecraft folder will serve as your backup. If anything goes wrong during the mod installation process or if you want to revert to the original state, you can replace the modified Minecraft folder with the backup.

messenger iconJava Installation Guide

Optifine require Java to be installed on your computer in order to work properly with Minecraft.

Download the Java installer

Visit the official Java website here: On the website, click on the “Download Java” button.

Run the installer

Once the installer is downloaded, locate the file and double-click on it to run it.

Step by Step Installation

Download the Round Trees Texture Pack:

Go to the download section bellow.

Download and Install Optifine:
messenger iconGuide
Download Optifine:

Download the version of OptiFine that corresponds to your Minecraft version. Make sure it’s compatible.

Open the OptiFine Installer:

Double-click the downloaded OptiFine file. The OptiFine installer will open. Click the “Install” button. This will add OptiFine as a separate profile in your Minecraft Launcher.

Open the OptiFine Installer
Launch Minecraft with OptiFine:

Open the Minecraft Launcher. Select the new OptiFine profile from the drop-down menu. Click “Play.”

Launch Minecraft with OptiFine
Launch Minecraft:

Launch the Minecraft client using the Optifine Profile.

Launch Minecraft

Access Resource Pack Menu:

Click on “Options” from the main menu, then select “Resource Packs.” This will open the Resource Packs menu.

Access Resource Pack Menu

Open Resource Pack Folder:

Click on the “Open Resource Pack Folder” button. Move or copy the downloaded resource pack file (usually a .zip file) into the folder that opened.

Open Resource Pack Folder

Activate the Resource Pack:

In the Resource Packs menu, you should now see the downloaded pack listed. Click on it to highlight it.
If the resource pack isn’t on the right side (the active side), use the arrow buttons to move it to the active list.

Activate the Resource Pack

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Round Trees Texture Pack — Download Links

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messenger iconBefore downloading, be aware that…
  • We do not host any texture / resource pack on our server. We use only official links from the developer.
  • Confirm that the mod is compatible with your specific version of Minecraft. Using incompatible versions may lead to game instability or crashes.
  • Before installing any mod, create a backup of your Minecraft Worlds to prevent potential loss of progress or data.

Download Links:

Round Trees Texture Pack [1.20.2]
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